Written by admin on February 21, 2015.
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Hey everyone.

I was planning on having a new theme and new content and rules ready for new year, but things didn’t go as planned.
I am working on the new look for 2012 and the new content as well, but things aren’t going as fast as I was hoping for.

So, I am just letting you all know, that I AM here, working my ass off to get the new theme ready very soon, and yes, the site will stay a free resource for designs, but while I don’t have the new site up, I am NOT accepting!
I won’t be ready for 1. March, but I hope to have the new look ready IN march *fingers crossed*

Thanks for the support, everyone :)

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How are you all? Had a great christmas and new year? :)
I want to thank all of my new costumers for ordering and make me a bit busier..

I’m going to keep on going with the free designs for a while, so if you want a free design by me, than you need to follow me either on Twitter, FaceBook or Google+ :) (I’ll be checking if you followed me)

My latest onliners:

Fabulous Grabeel

My latest wallpapers featuring Jennifer Lawrence:

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Happy December month! Anyone just as excited for christmas as I am? :D
Well, they say that christmas is all about being extra sweet and good to the people around you, right? Guess what! I’ve decided to take a month with free designs! How does that sound? :)

All you have to do to get your order free is follow me on Twitter, FaceBook, Google+ and DeviantArt, forward/retweet and like my messages and use the promo code freechristmas, but remember to still read my rules ;)

Oh and one more thing! I’m on holiday from 3 to 10 December, so I probobly won’t reply in any orders I’m getting! But I will respond back as soon as I’m home again and have unpacked. I promise.

Written by admin on November 13, 2013.
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Here’s some of my latest orders. I’ve been lucky to be able to design other people’s backgrounds to their phones.
Not only that, but I also have a new wallpaper up! Check all of these out!

Natalia Kills wallpaper

Harry Potter & Iron Man 3 iPhone 5 bgs

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Happy October 1st. Are you ready for halloween, than christmas? I am!
I have made lowed the prices, so now, you can save up to 50% on some things, while I also have added a party set and designs for your social networks.


What is a party set? I can design invitations for either your birthday, a wedding, baby shower or whatever reason you wanna celebrate, for all of your guests and make matching table cards, so your guests knows where to sit (you decide the order though).
I was asked by people if I could make it for them, and since people kept asking, I thought of adding it into the menu :)


So, what are you waiting for? Start ordering your halloween, christmas or normal design or whatever you need, while you save some money ;)

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I am happy to add a new premade in months! This one is a full Lady Gaga theme featuring ARTPOP and Applause.
Price is: 9$, or 7€ and it’s uncoded! :)

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Here’s my latest work over summer.. Did you remember to follow me online for the latest news?
I am currently searching for someone who wanna make money by coding stuff, so this business hopefully can grow bigger. I need someone who wanna code more than 1 order and always have time, I do NOT look for someone who doesn’t have time for it!
You need to be able to code wordpress and coppermine for now.. Interested? Mail me at eva@2012designs.org with what you’re able to do and why you want the spot! Than we’ll talk about it ;)

My FIRST Iconsort theme (ft. Miley Cyrus), for Smiley Central!

My FIRST wallpaper order, for popxit!

My FIRST signature set (from set)(ft. Little Mix), for Emica!

Written by admin on March 27, 2013.
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Long time no see, huh? Well, sorry about that. I’ve been busy with helping my mom, planning her 50th bday party and design lots of stuff for her, so I haven’t had much time since my latest orders, but I am slowly comming back now to serve you all again.

I got new onliners, I made a header only for iheartLucas‘s spring and summer theme. I also made a new theme; wordpress layout and header+background theme for coppermine at Fabulous Grabeel.
Check it all out.




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Yes, I am now on Google+! Everyone is more than welcome to follow me, which would make me really happy. I will try hit up on all of my costumers and get you all added.

Follow 2012 Designs on Google+ !!

Written by admin on December 11, 2012.
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I now have 2 manipulated christmas headers up with Miley Cyrus up for Premades. Go and check them out!
Just remember when ordering, to write exactly the name of the theme you want and info about the site, so the header will have your site name or link on it.